For Better or Worse, Your Guests Will Remember These Details


Here's the scenario: the love of your life has just proposed and you said yes! Now you're thrown into the exciting adventure called wedding planning. In the weeks and months following, you'll begin to plan for your special day. You'll quickly start to ask yourself questions like "do we need that...?" or "will anyone even notice if...?". And the answers to your questions may vary. Your wedding planner will help you determine what you need and how to make sure your money is best spent. That's our job, right?!

Yesterday, over on Style Me Pretty, I shared a few can't miss details that your guests will definitely notice! These are the details that impact your guest experience - transportation, menu selections, & even the cake! 

Charlotte Wedding Planner - The Graceful Host - Style Me Pretty - Wedding Planning Tips

If you're in the middle of wedding planning, or even if you just slipped that gorgeous ring on your finger - you don't want to miss these tips! See the full feature on Style Me Pretty. 

I saw a few reader comments say things like "so basically thats everything". And to that I say, no not everything. (Trust me, I haven't even mentioned most of what is on a typical checklist for a wedding!) Planning a wedding requires a lot of details and a lot of coordination. Remember: you're planning a large scale event, not a dinner party at your home. You can expect a lot of these important details to be woven together. For example, the venue you select will determine your transportation needs and will also dictate your decor. You should pick your venues wisely. If you're on a budget or planning a wedding when the weather might not be favorable (i.e. it's freezing outside or dark out), then you should consider a venue that is near guest accommodations and would have an option for both ceremony and reception all at the same location. Trust your wedding planner to find solutions for you and to help you prioritize the important details of the day so that you spend your money where it matters!

Thank you for the interview, SMP! :)