New Party Kits Are Here!

I’m so over the moon to announce that the Spring 2019 party kits are now LIVE! The Party Shop is growing, and I couldn’t be more excited to add FOUR new party kits to the shop. So, without further adieu - Let me introduce you to the newest additions!

The Graceful Host Party Kits

Construction Crew Party Kit
For the lover of big trucks that “do work”, as my 3 year old says … this party kit is the one for you! A modern take on a popular birthday party theme.

Happy Birthday Mini Party Kit
Our new line of kits called the mini party kit (which serves up to 14 to 16 guests) launches with this Happy Birthday party theme. Perfect for ANY birthday celebration, whether there’s 1 candle or 100 candles on your cake!

Tutti Fruitti Party Kit
A fun and colorful addition to the shop that is just too darn cute! I bet you can’t hold back a smile when you see these adorable pieces!

Blushing Bride Party Kit
Another new line making it’s debut during our spring launch is the new selection of wedding themed party kits! This bridal party kit is perfect for an engagement party or bachelorette celebration.

A percentage of Party Shop purchases made between April 30, 2019 and May 31, 2019 will go to support a cause and mission that I adore - The Birthday Party Project.

Who needs a party kit?
We all want to create unique celebrations that foster unforgettable family memories. But sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of our planning and procrastination gets the best of us.

(Am I right?!)

Enter the Party Kits! Your new handy tool to creating a fabulous party, minus the hassle and stress! Each kit comes complete with paper supplies, decor and a style guide, for extra party planning guidance and inspiration, as well as DIY project ideas that relate to your chosen party theme.

My goal in creating this product was to make it easier for you to celebrate all the fun moments and milestones of life! The Party Kits are a solution to the busyness we all experience. I've carefully sourced and designed each Party Kit so that you can create your own a well-styled, creative celebration! 

Perfect for the person who ...
... doesn't have any time to shop around.
... loves to throw parties.
... wants their event to look beautiful and Pinterest-worthy.
... likes to be hands-on, but maybe isn't super crafty.
... doesn't know where to find the best party supplies and decor.
... needs help party planning, but doesn't want to hire a planner.

And Party Kits can be repurposed for all sorts of occasions and theme parties - not just kids parties!

So how does this all work?
Check out our selection of TEN party kits now available in the shop, and make your selection. Each Party Kit was designed to take the stress out of party planning - so they are inclusive of everything you need to! Party Kits come complete with:

  • Party supplies, including the plates, napkins, cups, & cutlery (serving approximately 32 guests for the party kits, and 16 guests for the mini kits)

  • Stylish decor, like balloons, banners, etc., that relate to the box's theme

  • Access to a style guide with helpful party planning tips and advice, as well as tutorials for DIY project ideas that relate to your party kit theme

Party Kits are shipped directly to you in 1 to 3 business days from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Head to the shop now to learn more about the Party Kits!


PS. You can check out Ashley's interview from August 2018 during the initial launch of the Party Kits on Charlotte Today by following this link!