6 Non-Traditional Items You Should Add To Your Wedding Registry

When it comes to wedding registries, there are always questions: What do we need to register for exactly? Where should I register? How do I even start creating a registry? Registries can be confusing and overwhelming, but it shouldn't be! They should be a fun way for you and your future spouse to think about your future lives together - whether you're starting from scratch, or you already live together - and how you'll build your home. Of course there are some "must haves" when putting your registry list together. Things like china, kitchenware, & household goods are always popular - and let's face it, always needed! But how do you craft a wedding registry that you'll love and that reflects your personal style? Some couples get nervous about veering off the path of tradition, but I'm going to share with you 6 non-traditional items that should make you reconsider the road less traveled!

a.) A DSLR Camera
You're going to be honeymooning after your fabulous wedding. Ditch the iPhone and opt for a real camera to snap those memories of you and your spouse! Photo credit: beginner level DSLR, pictured is the Nikkon D3300

b.) Frames for a Gallery Wall
Couples invest in professional wedding photography to capture their memories. So it only makes sense that you consider displaying those happy memories proudly once you get your photos back for all who enter your home to see! It's so important to remember to print your memories. Just think about all the butterfly feelings you'll have looking at them each and every day! Photo credit: pictured is Framebridge via Haute Off The Rack.

c.) Bar Cart & Accessories
I don't know about you but after I got married I had a huge urge to host every party under the sun. What can I say - I love planning parties! ;) It's traditional to register for serving ware, dishes, glasses, etc. But what about your bar? Make sure you're ready for your first hostess gig with all the necessary equipment - and maybe a cute, stylish bar cart to display it all! Photo credit: Pintrest via Lydi Out Loud

d.) A Juicer
File this under a must have kitchen item! If you haven't discovered the joys of juicing, you're missing out. From fresh squeezed OJ for mimosas with brunch to a healthy serving of veggie/fruit juice for breakfast - the possibilities with this handy kitchen tool is endless. Photo credit: Jack LaLanne electric juicer via Target.

e.) An Ice Cream Maker
Who wouldn't want to make fresh ice cream every night? Okay, well maybe not every night - that would be counterproductive to the healthy juice you made earlier! But think about how fun it will be to make all sorts of yummy ice cream varieties with your sweetie, and one day your children. Talk about sweet memories. Photo credit: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker via William Sonoma

f.) Herb Garden
You've registered for all the cookware and kitchenware under the sun, right? Well, now it's time to start cooking! An herb garden is a fun project for both you and your spouse to enjoy. I know in our home, we play "how long can we keep this plant alive" often. Not only will it add color, foliage, and fragrance to your home but it will add lots of flavor to your dishes! Photo credit: via House Beautiful - a perfect Ikea hack project!


Your friends and family ultimately want to buy you something that will make you happy. Take comfort in the fact that you can't really mess up a wedding registry. Remember that variety is key so that you can offer your guests different price points, and consider shopping at 2-3 stores. Any more than 3 and it gets a bit excessive. There are great websites like Zola that allows you to combine your registry from various shops in one convenient list for guests. But I wouldn't skip registering at each individual store. When it comes to getting the additional money off after your wedding has come and gone, you're going to want to make sure you've registered with that store in order to reap that benefit! So happy shopping, y'all!