Featured: Bridal Guide, Tip Of The Day

Huge thanks to Bridal Guide magazine for featuring my advice on how to have a fun reception! I tell all of my couples that if you're not dancing, no one else is going to be dancing either. It's pretty simple, yet effective advice. Guests always follow the lead of the bride and groom - both literally in whatever their doing - dancing, chatting, sitting, etc - and in attitude - smiling and laughing vs. upset and removed. I have so many brides and grooms that come to me saying their priority for the wedding day is that all their guests have fun at their reception. I mean who doesn't want to throw the celebration of the year?! So, you of course invest money in the best band or DJ in town. It's a important step to ensure a killer party, but really the most important piece of the puzzle is the bride and groom! YOU are the glue that literally holds the party together and the entire day will revolve around you, with all eyes watching your every move. No pressure, right? Well, it's not as daunting as it seems... all you have to do is enjoy the day, and dance the night away with your new spouse and all your loved ones! So, don't be afraid to party and get your dancing shoes ready.

Bridal Guide - Tip of the day

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XO, A.