Party Planning

Introducing: The Graceful Host Party Kits

The BIG day is finally here! The Graceful Host shop is open - and Party Kits are live!

It's time to make party planning simple, again! Because it doesn't have to be complicated. 

We've all been there. You're pouring through page after page on Pinterest, searching for party inspiration. Trying to figure out what theme you're going to pick this year, while being inundated with photo after photo, idea after idea. There's so much content out there! Then, after you finally pick a direction - where on Earth the do you find all this freaking stuff?! How do I make my party look like this?!

You don't need to spend hours, upon hours designing a party. Who has the time, anyways?
You might not feel like the creative type, or have all that extra energy to pour into DIY projects. You've got plenty of other things to worry about!
You want all the cute decor that makes you ohh and ahh, but you just don't know where to go searching for it. Getting started can feel so overwhelming!

I see you, friend... and I want to help you!!

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We all want to create unique celebrations that foster unforgettable family memories. But sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of our planning and procrastination gets the best of us.

(Am I right?!)

Enter the Party Kits! Your handy tool to creating a fabulous party, minus the hassle and stress! Each kit comes complete with paper supplies, decor and a style guide, for extra party planning guidance and inspiration, as well as DIY project ideas that relate to your chosen party theme.

My goal in creating this product was to make it easier for you to celebrate all the fun moments and milestones of life! The Party Kits are a solution to the busyness we all experience. I've carefully sourced and designed each Party Kit so that you can create your own a well-styled, creative celebration! 

Perfect for the person who ...
... doesn't have any time to shop around.
... loves to throw parties.
... wants their event to look beautiful.
... likes to be hands-on, but maybe isn't super crafty.
... doesn't know where to find the best party supplies and decor.
... needs help party planning, but doesn't want to hire a planner.

Party Kits, The Graceful Host Party Kit, Superhero party, Kids birthday party

And now we're LIVE!

So how does this all work?
Each Party Kit comes complete with:

  • Party supplies, including the plates, napkins, cups, & cutlery (serving approximately 24 guests)

  • Stylish decor, like balloons, banners, etc., that relate to the box's theme

  • Access to a style guide with helpful party planning tips and advice, as well as tutorials for DIY project ideas

All Party Kits are shipped directly to you in 1 to 3 business days from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Head to the shop now to learn more about the Party Kits!


PS. You can check out Ashley's interview on Charlotte Today about the Party Kits by following this link!

Three of the Biggest Mistakes A Host Can Make

Throwing a killer party requires a lot of careful planning. There's a lot of pressure on the host(ess) to throw a great party for their invited guests! You need to think about the atmosphere you're creating, a food and beverage menu that will leave your guests satisfied, and the overall flow of the party. Sounds like a lot of layers, right?? Well, that's because it is!

Let's talk about the three biggest mistakes a host can make - so that you can avoid them.


#1 Not factoring in guest count during the planning process. The first thing a host need to do is figure out the guest list. You cannot begin to plan for a party without knowing how many people you expect to walk through the door! Are you inviting more people than your venue, or home, can accommodate? Will your anticipated headcount bring you over your desired budget? Knowing your guest count before you begin planning anything will help you tremendously and cut down on the stress that party planning can potentially bring.

#2 Not accepting outside help. Planning a party, regardless of the size, requires organization and can be a bit of a juggling act for even an experienced host. Don't be a hero, y'all. Allow outside help! Let your significant other, friend, or family members to pitch in - it can be a big help to have an extra set of hands! And consider outsourcing for things like catering and/or rental needs. It will save you time and allow you to enjoy your party. Plus, the professionals do this on a daily basis and have the equipment you need to properly execute a party, and can make recommendations so that your party is a big success. 

#3 Not thinking about the flow. Ever notice how everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen at parties? Thats because guests tend to gather around the food and drinks! When setting up seating areas, as well as food and drink areas, think of how your guests might naturally move through the party space - and where you want them to gather. Make sure your guests have a clear path to the goodies! (That would be the food and beverages.) Move furniture, if needed, so that guests move more freely throughout the party. And if you don't want guest to gather in one room, then spread the food and drink out. Extra Tip: I like incorporating appetizers and small bites within the seating areas to keep guests satisfied and conversations flowing.

Let’s hear it: What do you think of this list? Any other big party faux pas’ we didn’t mention?!

Cheers to throwing a great party!