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When creating the Party Kits, my goal was to make it easier on parents and hosts who are throwing parties for their children and loved ones. That meant providing décor in addition to the party basics, like plates, napkins, cups and cutlery. But I also wanted to take things a step further and share some fun DIY projects that you could potentially do. Some hosts love doing DIY projects and crafts, while others would rather not bother. No matter your preference, the Party Kits have you covered! See our Pinterest for more DIY projects and inspiration.

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Planning a party menu can be overwhelming. Let your theme and setting guide you in your choices. I recommend you think about how you would fill your plate when choosing what to add to the menu. Include 1 to 2 main course(s), which will be your protein and heartier dish. Then, include 2 or 3 sides like your starch and vegetable to ensure your menu is well rounded. I also recommend including 1 or 2 appetizers that guests can enjoy. Keep these appetizers in central locations, where you want guests to gather. Guests will follow the food!

Remember that the time of day will also help dictate the menu. If your party is around any major meal times, you’ll want to serve more filling items. If your party is around an off time of day, you should still provide food, but you don’t need to necessarily create an entire meal.

Party Planning Tip: Party planning is never a one person task – it takes a village! So don’t be afraid to seek help from others, or outsource. Don’t discount the value of hiring a caterer or restaurant to provide some or all of the food and desserts. The host shouldn’t need to be working during the party! You should get to enjoy everyone who’s gathered to celebrate.

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Electronic invitations can be appropriate for parties. If it’s easier for you, or your budget, to send an online invitation or email invitation, then go for it! Paper invitations are more traditional. Plus, they’ll allow your child to be a part of the planning process by helping to choosing the invitation design, and provide you with a keepsake, if that’s important to you.

Whether you choose an electronic invitation or paper invitation, you should include an RSVP by date along with either an email address or phone number. I recommend RSVPs to be returned one week before the party so that you can confirm head count with catering and/or dessert vendors and know how many guests to expect. If a guest does not RSVP by the date you requested, then feel free to call, text, or email them to follow-up to get their reply.

I recommend sending invitations out between 4 and 6 weeks in advance. If you have a lot of out of town guests, you’ll want to give more advance notice so that they can make travel arrangements. If you are planning a party around a popular holiday, you’ll want to give more advance notice so that your event lands on their calendar first.

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Deciding on a start time for your party can be difficult. There’s a lot to consider, such as the best time of day for your child. Ultimately that should be the #1 thing that matters when choosing a party start time. Don’t let outside suggestions from family and friends deter you.

Feel like morning is better for your family? Set a 10am start time. Feel things run more smoothly after nap time? Go for a 4pm start time. Of course, weather might play a role, as well. If you’re planning an outdoor celebration and live in a place that gets very hot during the summer and fall months, for example, consider a morning start time so that it’s more pleasant for everyone attending.

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Do you need to do party favors? Nope. The tradition of party favors has gone to the wayside. Focus on giving your guests a great party experience rather than something to take home. You can also consider sending guests home with items from the party, such as balloons, or leftovers, or flowers.

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Opening gifts during the party is a personal decision. If you feel like it would be a good teaching moment to show your child how to open and receive gifts graciously, then make time to open them during the party. If you feel like your little guests would get bored easily or it would create chaos because everyone will want to play with the new toy, then skip it. Regardless, thank you notes should be sent following the party.