I don’t know where to begin to describe how incredible Ashley was when planning our wedding. I started off as many brides do, asking the question “where do I start?”. My advice to anyone recently engaged is, don’t wait until last minute to realize that you need a weddingplanner! I interviewed over 6 wedding planners that stated I needed “partial wedding planning” and that made me nervous because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. The wedding industry is way too big for an amateur (like myself) to try to tackle. When Ashley said she only does full service planning, I was sold! Ashley, from the first email, was so attentive to our every need and wish! For two years, I was in constant communication with Ashley, whether it was a quick email, a phone call, or a text, she was always there to answer my questions and point us in the right direction. As the wedding came closer and the details were coming together, I had last minute ideas that Ashley made happen within 3-4 days of the wedding! We had an outdoor mountain wedding and the on the day of our wedding, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Within 6 hours of our ceremony, Ashley had sides for our tent (that we didn’t get prior) delivered to the mountains and attached to the tent to help keep our guest warm. She was a life saver for us and our guest!!!! Our wedding day went so smoothly for my husband and I because we didn’t have to worry about the details! We were able to enjoy every single moment with our families because Ashley and her team were working out all the details around us! My husband was never fond of expanding the wedding budget to accommodate a wedding designer/planner, but after the wedding, he even said “she was worth double for all that she did for us”. From design to executing the perfect wedding day, Ashley, The Graceful Host, is the best in the business and more importantly, she is such a beautiful and giving person at heart. You’ll want to plan weddings with her over and over again!
- Jessica B., 10/22/16

I wanted the perfect wedding, I NEEDED the perfect wedding.. you know what I mean? I didn't (and still don't) know the first thing about flowers, invitations, wedding etiquette, cake, fabric types, where/how/when to get all those things.. how you make your wedding look like an Instagram photo, or a pinterest page, but The Graceful Host knew. She knew all of those things, and the things you'd never think of.
I didn't think it'd be "that hard" without a wedding planner, but as a consultant, traveling 80-100% of the time, combined with my blissful ignorance to the entire wedding industry, I needed a professional. Ashley was my wedding fairy and angel. Long story short I literally found a picture on Pinterest and I said, "this is what I want, Ashley and here is my budget" and the rest is history. I put full trust in her to do her job. Let the people you hire do their job right? I didn't know the fancy names of the flowers I liked or even where/who to get them from, and I didn't know the term for the pretty gold chairs I so badly wanted, or how to get them, and for the best price, but she did. She knew every little thing throughout the entire journey. She visualized my dream - and brought it to life. I didn't lift a finger on my wedding day. I didn't know when the food arrived, what time the cake came, or if anything went the slightest bit haywire. At SEVEN months pregnant she made it flawless. I had the best time of my life, and felt like a queen. No stress, no surprises, just the most special, most beautiful day I could've ever imagined.
Also - she's good with numbers -- and keeping everyone happy. With grace and a universal personality, I couldn't have made a better decision to have The Graceful Host plan and execute my wedding. I'm forever thankful.
- Katie W., 1/30/16

Easily the best decision of my wedding. Ashley truly has it all: she is organized, thoughtful, efficient, and made every detail of her services so personal. She always made me feel like I was the only bride on her schedule and showed as much excitement about the event as I did! People talk about the stress of planning a wedding and I can honestly say I did not experience that at all. Even the hard parts like seating chart were seamless because she has developed documents and tools to help you! My favorite part was talking about my vision for the event and brainstorming all the pretty details. She takes a week or two to compile everything you've discussed and then presents it all in one fabulous mock-up of every detail including a floor plan! This serves as the jumping off point to look for decor, linens, lighting, etc. and I found it SO helpful to refer to throughout the process. I would never have been able to have such a successful wedding without her. Ashley is more than a wedding planner, she is truly a designer who creates stunningly beautiful and memorable events. I am SO HAPPY that I got to work with her.
- Angela A., 4/23/16

IF I could give more than 5 stars...I would! Where to begin with this sweet sweet soul. Ashley is amazing. Detail-Oriented, Loving, Sweet, but knows how to run the show! She is just as invested as you are in making your special day more perfect than you could ever imagine. My husband and I couldn't be more happy with the memories we have our our wedding day. If anything at all went wrong, we didn't know a thing about it..because Ashley and her team were on it before it even happened!
DID I MENTION THIS MAMA was 42 weeks pregnant doing our wedding?! I mean really...she is superwoman. That did not hold her back from being every bit as present and involved in our process. I never had a worried bone in my body thinking that Ashley may not have been able to be with us on our day, as she had a detailed plan in place for her team to step up if needed. But, there she was 42 weeks pregnant and looking stunning...running the show as normal, making sure everyone around us knew what to do to make the night go off without a hitch.
She is real-life Pinterest! Any picture you show her and her team about a vision for your wedding day...she makes it happen. She worked with my husband and I...asking very thought-out questions to have us explain our exact vision for our day so she could feel what we were feeling.
Walking into our ceremony space and our reception space for the first time...gave me goosebumps. Weddings are funny...you spend all of this time planning out how you want everything to look, and where you want everything to be...but you don't know until that day how everything is going to come together. That is where I am convinced this woman has a magic wand. Everything about the decor...every detail, every flower, every tablecloth...I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful set-up to marry the love of my life. It was truly like she knew my vision better than I did.
Every step of your wedding process...you would be doing yourself a huge disservice not to use The Graceful Host.
All of my friends around me planning weddings ..complaining about the stress/not feeling like they have everything quite right....I didn't feel any of that. I knew I could call Ashley with any question, or read an email she had sent the night before, answering a question I hadn't thought of until the morning :) She is a pro. She loves what she does and loves each and every couple that she works with.
We love this girl and this company...we highly recommend The Graceful Host..to make your special day more special than even you imagined!
- Lauren P., 4/2/16

To everyone looking for help planning their big day and bringing their dream wedding to life, Ashley Cash of The Graceful Host is your girl! I was super hesitant about hiring a wedding planner when I first got engaged and thought I could plan everything all on my own, seeing as I am fairly organized and time conscious. About 4 months in to being engaged, I realized I needed help and reached out to Ashley. I had heard great things about her and seen her work in many wedding magazines/websites and was thoroughly impressed. From my first contact with Ashley, I knew I had made the right decision to reach out to her. Not only is she always timely with her responses whether it be via email or phone and super professional; she is super friendly, bubbly, and PASSIONATE about you and your fiance and your wedding. She takes the time to get to know you on a personal level in order to get a feel for you and your individual personalities and needs. Ashley put my worries aside about a timeline and went to work on finding the absolute best vendors, and making appointments for me to meet with them (very flexible). You can 100 % trust Ashley's judgement on anything from which color linens will coordinate best with your reception decor, to invitation etiquette, to what you should bring with you on the day of the wedding (most of which she will offer to bring herself, because she's that good!). However, Ashley knows it's your and your soon to be spouses wedding, and wants to make sure every decision is yours. She wanted our wedding to reflect our own personal style and create what we had been dreaming about for years! Her advice and guidance was extremely helpful when things were a little cloudy from the stresses that come with being a bride, and she helped steer me in the right direction- I was so grateful for that. I honestly had the best bridal experience with basically zero stress because Ashley took care of everything, and I mean everything! Down to transportation from the venue, to all of our decor signs (she does stunning calligraphy work!), to all of the little things you might forget about it. She even designed and created our wedding invitation suite and it was exactly how I dreamed it would be. Ashley truly loves her brides and it was absolutely evident to me throughout our time together. She made me feel extremely special with packages in the mail that included personalized gifts and goodies and the absolutely necessary champagne! Ashley's work is above and beyond anything you could even pin on your wedding Pinterest Board. The moment that Tyler and I saw our Reception space for the first time, our jaws dropped and I was in tears. Ashley went above and beyond in creating our dream wedding space, there were so many special touches. That is a memory from the day I will truly never forget. The wedding flowed perfectly. There was not one hiccup thanks to Ashley's careful coordination and timing. My family, my husbands family, and of course my Husband and I, got to enjoy the day without worrying about anything. We were able to just soak it all in and party the night away with all of our loved ones and friends. You seriously can't put a price tag on Ashley and the work that she does. Hiring her was the best decision my Husband and I made in the entire wedding process. We are so grateful we found her! If you are considering hiring a planner for your special day, Ashley is the best in the industry, hands down. Thanks again, Ashley, for everything!
- Megan Y., 8/14/15

I have nothing but praise for The Graceful Host! Her attention to detail and her accessibility were more than I could have hoped for. My daughter lived out of town and the wedding was in Charlotte so there were so many details to discuss and manage here and I felt overwhelmed. My daughter contacted Ashley and they just clicked and she knew exactly what my daughters vision was and found the best vendors who were all amazing! From invitations to flowers, hair and make up to transportation, and finally to day of wedding details Ashley was great to work with! She responded quickly to texts and emails, made appointments with vendors and on the day of the wedding she was just invaluable! I truly had not a care in the world on wedding day, she and her team took care of everything so my daughter and I could relax and enjoy the greatest day ever! Ashley thanks a million! From one happy Mother of the Bride!
- Michelle G. (mother of the bride), 7/11/15

TGH was amazing for me, my fiance, and both of our families!!!! She executed our vision on our wedding day perfectly. ALL of her vendors are simply amazing and made the entire wedding process a complete breeze. The only thing that I would say was stressful about planning a wedding was the guest list, & that has NOTHING to do w/ Ashley and the Graceful Host. On the day of the wedding,everyone was super relaxed and ready to go b/c Ashley handled everything!!! If anything happened that went wrong, I, as the bride, didn't know about it and it was handled. Ashley you are amazing at what you do and I couldn't have asked for a better wedding day/planning experience.
- Shelby B., 6/11/15

There are so many decisions one makes when planning a wedding, and one of the BEST decisions I ever made was hiring Ashley Cash as my wedding planner. I don't know how she did it, but she somehow got inside my head and literally created my dream vision for my wedding day. All within my budget, which is just one of the many truly exceptional gifts she is blessed with as an event planner. From start to finish, she was responsive (which I just LOVED about her, as prompt communication to me is probably the #1 most important thing to me when planning anything), organized, and absolutely lovely to work with. I never heard the word "no", or "not possible", and she made the impossible happen every time I threw a curveball at her; and all with a smile and an enthusiastic "YES!" There is no doubt you get MORE than your money's worth when it comes to booking her services. The only advice I have for any bride fortunate enough to meet her for an interview is to book her immediately, right there in person if you can (she's popular and unfortunately there's only one of her to go around!)! After that, it is just amazing to sit back and watch your dreams come to life in Ashley's capable and talented hands. Trust me: what she suggests is pure gold and genius; she is truly an EXPERT at what she does!!! She has given my family, friends, husband, and I memories for a lifetime, and my husband and I will be forever grateful to her and her company for the outstanding services they offered from day one to our wedding night. She will go above and beyond to make sure every single moment and every single selection is perfect for you. Ashley: words cannot express the depths of our gratitude, but we wanted to at least try to put into words our sincere appreciation and love for you. Thank you again for everything.
-Melinda H., 5/30/15

I am an organized but disorganized business owner. I am decisive but indecisive. I want to know the facts but I didn't want to do the extra work. Ashley was recommended to me and I can not begin to say how thankful I am. She was absolutely perfect. As a bride, she made me feel special and that my wedding was just as important to her. She would always listen to my ideas and wants and then create an even better product. She was the perfect match for me and we became such wonderful friends in the process. I will tell any and everyone to choose her to help create the wedding of their dreams!
- Emily Breeze R., 10/11/14

When I got engaged, I knew I would need a planner to help with the design of the wedding. I reached out to several planners one morning, and Ashley was the first to respond to my request. In fact, I believe she responded within 15 minutes of my initial email while other planners did not respond until after a few days or even a week. Ashley's promptness in her reply was impressive and after our first meeting with her, we chose The Graceful Host for the full service wedding package. Our wedding design was absolutely beautiful and something I could have never envisioned on my own. My favorite colors are red and pink - something I never would have thought suitable for wedding colors - and Ashley developed a romantic and elegant design using these colors. Ashley only works with one floral/decor vendor, New Creations Flower Company, because she's worked with them for some time and they understand her vision and are able to make Ashley's ideas come to life. I have wonderful memories of sitting at dinner at our reception and noticing how beautiful all of the details were - the flowers, candles, all of the decor. The ceremony and reception had also taken place in the same space and Ashley and her team did an amazing job with the transformation of the space during the cocktail hour. Ashley was also a key person to have throughout the wedding weekend. If anything wasn't right - she fixed it. We had our wedding in Founder's Hall and during our rehearsal you couldn't hear the officiant because the fountains were so loud. Ashley took care of the situation and had our DJ bring an extra microphone for the officiant by the next morning. There will be little obstacles during the wedding weekend, and Ashley does a fantastic job in taking care of them and making sure the process goes as smooth as possible. She also goes above and beyond in showing support for the bride the weekend of the wedding. Anything I needed, she was there for me. When I was getting overwhelmed at the rehearsal, she was there for support. The day of the wedding she helped fluff my dress and put my veil on.  My wedding would not have been the same without Ashley, and I can't thank her and her team enough!
- Lauren C., 8/16/14

I'm also not one to review much online but I had to with Ashley because she was perfection. I'm a worrier and through every step of the process Ashley was there to calm me down, tell me what was important, what wasn't and to listen. I cannot tell you how smoothly my wedding day went, DESPITE a fainting uncle, almost rain and three outfit changes!! It was like I didn't even have to think to ask for something and Ashley and her team were already right next to me with what I needed. She is so awesome and really genuinely cares. I love her taste, her point of view and her ever present smile! I really couldn't recommend her highly enough. Wedding planners make a wedding and getting Ashley as your wedding planner makes it EPIC.
- Lauren W., 8/9/14

I'm not the type of person that has been planning my wedding since I was a little girl, so after getting engaged and doing some research, I quickly realized I would need help. I reached out to Ashley and she proved her value to brides within the first few moments of our conversation. With her help (and guidance), I was able to plan the wedding of my dreams with as little stress as possible. Throughout the planning process everyone commented on how calm I was and that I didn't appear to be freaking out about my wedding like many brides. This was 110% because of Ashley. I've told everyone that choosing her as a wedding planner was the best decision I made after saying 'yes.' She helped me comb through my ideas early on and put a cohesive plan together that fit within my budget. She gave suggestions, ideas, and reminders along the way so that everything was done and nothing was left out. Her thoughtful and thorough nature make her particularly great to work with. My wedding day came together better than I ever could have imagined. It was exactly what my husband and I wanted, with all of the crazy details that we hoped for, and many more. On my wedding day, Ashley had everything handled so I didn't have to think about anything, including packing our car with late night snacks and our gifts. In addition to exceeding our expectations, our guests were also impressed with how well everything was handled. I will be recommending Ashley to any bride for the best wedding planning experience.
- Martha B., 6/14/14

I'm not one to write reviews but considering without the reviews on The Knot about "Graceful Host" I would have never found Ashley! First off, you will have a lot of wedding planners in Charlotte that are great. But what you won't find in those are an "Ashley"! From the very first email Ashley was organized, efficient and made it feel like we were old friends! After, the first meeting I knew needed Ashley! I had selected the majority of my vendors by the time I started working with Ashley. She immediately jumped right in and took everything off my hands. Immediately, all those wedding fears and stress was lifted off of me! What sets Ashley apart is not only does she put her blood, sweat and tears in your wedding; she puts her heart and soul into making sure your wedding day is everything you ever dreamed of! She does offer a few levels of service but I would say do nothing under the partial service because she is worth every penny and SO much more!! It was important to me to find someone that would get to know us as a couple and Ashley without beyond her "contract" with that! I am so lucky to call her a friend too from this process! Ashley knows what she is doing and she knows where to put your money to get the biggest bang for your buck! This is where she helped us the most; deciding what should be spent on each vendor according to your budget! Our final meeting before the wedding I was so impressed on how organized she had our timeline and all the details were pulled together! Speaking of details she went above and beyond pulling all those details together! Even went as far as sewing pillow covers herself and surprising us with our signature monogram decal on the mini pizza boxes for late night snacks! The day of our wedding our parents, family and all my bridal party were able to enjoy themselves just like I wanted! Ashley and her team had everything covered! There is not enough "thank yous" and dollar value I could put on how much that meant to us! "TGH" is hands down the best money you will spend on your wedding! Ashley's hard work, knowledge of the industry and creative brain in my opinion makes her the best of the best! You will not regret hiring The Graceful Host!
- Keely C., 5/31/14

When I first got engaged I was so thrilled to be marrying the love of my life; however, I was terrified by the process of planning a wedding and I thought the task before me was going to be impossible. I was in grad school full time, working part time, and my parents live in another state. To make matters worse, I was not one of those girls that had a vision for my wedding, knew what kind of dress or flowers i wanted, or any of that stuff. I didn't know the difference between a buffet or station style. How to address an envelope, or that post cards require fewer postage than a regular letter. I didn't know how to bustle a dress or what would be the best way to use my budget. And then I called the Graceful Host. From our first discussion, i realized that NOTHING is impossible when you have an Ashley. I have been to a lot of weddings. I have been a bridesmaid, a guest, and a bride. All of the weddings that I have been a part of have had "wedding planners," but none have had an Ashley. Without an Ashley, brides spend the night before their big day approving table settings and making last minute layout changes, transportation vendors don't show up where and when they are supposed to, ceremony music gets messed up, cocktail hours turn into 2, parents race back and forth putting out little fires, brides hire DJs that just can't seem to get themselves together (let alone get a party going), caterers forget to put out food... I could go on and on. At our wedding, my husband and I, our families, and wedding party all were able to really enjoy and cherish each moment of our day. Ashley took care of things that I was never even aware needed taking care of. She is in 10 places all at once and yet always present and gives you her full attention. Don't get me wrong, all of the weddings I have been to have been fine. No runaway brides or major disasters; however at each event there was definitely something, a feeling, a level of preparedness, a flow that was missing. I have come to realize there is only one Graceful Host and only one Ashley and I cannot imagine my wedding (the planning or the day) without her!
- Taylor F., 5/17/14

I chose Ashley Cash as our planner after interviewing a couple other wedding planners. After our initial consult, I knew she was exactly what we were looking for in a planner. From her ability to pull all the ideas together, to her impeccable attention to detail and design, our wedding was more beautiful than I could have imagined and we didn't worry about a thing the entire weekend. Ashley literally became a lifesaver when a month before the wedding, my work hours went crazy and the weeks leading up to our wedding were 80 hours each. She took everything off my plate and carried it off without a hitch!
Ashley's personal touch on our wedding included her beautiful escort card display of maps, the luggage tag escort cards that she made look like real ones including string, and the table numbers that included airport codes of our favorite places in the world. I don't believe I would have been chosen as the cover for Carolina Bride if it was not for her marrying all the beautiful details together. Our wedding celebration was stress-free because we had complete faith in her and her team, and they absolutely delivered. We will definitely be recommending Ashley Cash at The Graceful Host to any of our friends that will be getting married!
- Veronica G., 4/26/14

I don't even know where to begin! Everything about our wedding was exactly as I imagined, and I give Ashley all of the credit. She took my vision of Pinterest and emails and helped me put it into a day. She got me in touch with the best vendors in Charlotte and put my mind at ease. With family living out of town, it meant so much to have someone in Charlotte who knew the ins and outs of the local vendors. I could go on and on, but I think her work speaks for itself. I would recommend her to everyone (and I recommend her to everyone I talk to).
- Katie C., 4/5/14

Ashley is amazing. She and I planned my wedding hundreds of miles apart. She was always attentive, professional and soooo sweet. I was a nervous wreck at times and she constantly assured me that everything would be perfect and it was. Every single one of my vendors, down to my invitations was somebody she referred and they were amazing. My centerpieces were even featured online at Glamour Magazine, and they were created by the florist she referred. My vision was executed perfectly and the day of my wedding the most reassuring thing was Ashley telling me to breathe deeply right before I made my grand entrance. Everyone needs an Ashley when getting married!
- Whitley S., 3/22/14


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