1. The Graceful Host offers full-service wedding planning and design. I know what wedding planning is, but what is wedding design? 

This is a great question! Many wedding planners only offer logistics management, which means they make sure that everything happens when it should on your wedding day. For example, wedding planning entails ordering the right number of place settings, booking the band or DJ, and coordinating schedules with the caterer. A wedding designer, on the other hand, helps in making the decisions about which place settings to order, whether to book a band or a DJ, and which menu works best. As a wedding designer, The Graceful Host uses a combination of expertise and creativity to bring your vision for your wedding to life, all while making sure it reflects your personal style and unique love story. When you work with The Graceful Host, you get both wedding planning and design to ensure that all aspects of your wedding are thought out and executed to perfection. 

2. Why does The Graceful Host only offer full-service wedding planning and design? Why not other services, like day-of coordination? 

Because The Graceful Host provides both wedding design and wedding planning, it’s important for Ashley to get to know couples on a personal level in order to create a wedding design that truly speaks to their style and provides an unforgettable experience for both couples and their guests. The couples that Ashley works with are looking for a high level of guidance and comprehensive creative direction. She provides personalized service and is highly accessible, giving every couple she works with access to her expertise. Ashley’s an honest voice that her couples trust, and if you work with her you’ll value the relationship that she builds with each and every couple over the course of the wedding design and planning process. 

3. How involved is The Graceful Host in the wedding design and planning process? 

Extremely involved! One of the best things about working with The Graceful Host is that you will get Ashley’s undivided attention. The Graceful Host limits the number of weddings that it designs and plans each year to ensure that every couple gets the dedicated guidance and expertise that they deserve. Ashley will lead you step-by-step through the designing and planning process, ensuring that every decision that is made supports your vision for your wedding and aligns with your style. 

4. How often will I meet with Ashley? How will we communicate? 

The Graceful Host is dedicated to providing couples with personalized service. To achieve this, Ashley tailors her communication with each couple to meet their needs and expectations. The beginning of the wedding design and planning process is often very exciting, as there are so many decisions to be made. Ashley will recommend the best vendors, schedule all of your vendor meetings, and provide you with expert guidance when making these decisions. After the big decisions are made, most communication can be done via email or phone; however, if you prefer to continue to meet in person, that works, too! Ashley will work with you in whatever way you are most comfortable. 

5. You're based in Charlotte, NC - but do you travel?

Of course! We've had the pleasure of working with brides throughout Western North Carolina. I absolutely love experiencing new areas and would love to work with you, too!

6.  How long has The Graceful Host been designing and planning weddings? 

The Graceful Host was founded on December 31, 2012, and has designed and planned over 60 weddings. Every wedding has had a unique style that represents the couple’s love story, and Ashley’s favorite part of wedding design and planning is getting to know couples and creating weddings that are full of moments they will cherish for the rest of their lives.